Rothschild Boulevard

What is there to do at Rothschild Boulevard?

Down the middle of Rothschild Boulevard, you’ll find shady gardens flanked by benches. It’s ideal for people-watching and absorbing the vibrant, varied Tel Aviv atmosphere. Dog-walkers, hipsters, young families, students, elderly sabras - they are all on Rothschild, sitting, strolling, or playing a game of sheshbesh (backgammon).

Rent a bicycle from one of the many bike rental firms to make the most of Rothschild’s flat, smooth central path. It’s also the best way to get around Tel Aviv and explore the quieter, beautiful side streets.

If you’re eager for culture, see what’s playing at Habima, Israel’s national theater, or enjoy a concert by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the Fredric Mann Auditorium. Many modern art galleries lie on or close to Rothschild Boulevard, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art. The historic Independence Hall, where David Ben-Gurion announced the creation of the State of Israel, is close by.

For shopaholics, Rothschild Boulevard boasts many boutique stores. Shenkin Street, Dizengoff Street, and Allenby Street are Tel Aviv’s favorite, trendy shopping streets, and they all cross Rothschild.

Don’t miss: Take a guided tour of the historic Bauhaus buildings that give Rothschild Boulevard its European flavor.

Who is Rothschild Boulevard best for?
Rothschild Boulevard is a great tourist spot for families with young children, who’ll enjoy splashing in the Founders Monument fountain. Party animals love the many clubs and bars that host live music, while those who like a calmer vacation relish strolling the boulevard or sitting in the shade to watch the diverse world go by. Rothschild’s streets, gardens, and bars are especially welcoming to LGBTQ tourists.

What’s the best time of year to visit Rothschild Boulevard?
April till October is a good time to visit Rothschild Boulevard. June to August bring hopping dance nights at Rothschild’s clubs and bars, the famous Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, and White Night parties.

In April, May, September, and October, you’ll enjoy strolling the street and viewing the architecture in slightly cooler temperatures.

What to eat at Rothschild Boulevard
Rothschild Boulevard is famous for its kiosks - small, casual eateries that serve delicious street food at low prices. You’ll also find plenty of cozy cafes where you can linger over your coffee with the locals, and ice cream parlors for hot summer days.
The southern end of Rothschild is a foodie paradise. Thanks to Tel Aviv’s cultural melting pot, you’ll find almost every possible type of cuisine here, cooked by natives who love to share their culinary heritage.

Why visit Rothschild Boulevard
If you’re looking for a beautiful place to absorb Tel Aviv’s iconic atmosphere, Rothschild Boulevard is the place to come. Partying, eating, shopping, culture, and just plain relaxing - you’ll find the best of Tel Aviv right here.