Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv

How to enjoy the Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv

There are over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv, concentrated between Allenby Street to the south, HaYarkon Park to the north, Ibn Gabirol street and Begin street to the east, and stretching till the Mediterranean coast to the west.

Some must-see Bauhaus buildings include 96 HaYarkon Street, which has been beautifully renovated; the Bauhaus museum, which is actually a private house and art gallery; the perfectly cubic Shlomo Yafe House; and the distinctive and unique Thermometer House.

Although you can view Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv on your own, you’ll learn much more on a guided tour. The Bauhaus Center, run by Micha Gross, offers guided and self-guided Bauhaus awalking tours in 7 different languages, including English, French, and Chinese. It also hosts exhibitions on the Bauhaus movement and provides a wealth of information about the architects and ideals behind the buildings.

Don’t miss: Dizengoff square. Smack in the heart of the White City, Dizengoff Square is the only Bauhaus square in the entire world.

Where to stay for Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv

The Bauhaus Hotel Cinema was originally the Esther Cinema, and it stands out even amongst other beautiful Bauhaus buildings. Now a boutique luxury hotel, the Hotel Cinema is decorated with period film memorabilia.

Krieger House is another astonishing Bauhaus building that is now a boutique hotel, called Rothschild 71. Located on Rothschild Boulevard, Rothschild 71 has a famous rooftop bar and excellent customer service.

What to eat while viewing Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv

You’re bound to get hungry when you’re on your feet all day. Fortunately, some of Tel Aviv’s best eateries are in and around her Bauhaus buildings. The kiosks that are scattered along Rothschild Boulevard offer plenty of delicious street food and strong coffee to restore your energy levels.

In the evenings, view illuminated Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv while you sip a craft beer or unique cocktail at one of the many bars along Dizengoff street. Enjoy a gourmet meal at fancy White City restaurants like Piazza, the best Italian restaurant in town, trendy Taizu, or upscale French restaurant Dallal.

What else to do in Tel Aviv White City?

The Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv conveniently covers some of Tel Aviv’s most vibrant areas, so you can combine architecture appreciation with shopping on Sheinkin Street, catching a performance at the Suzanne Dellal dance center, hearing a concert by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the Frederic Mann Auditorium, or relaxing and people-watching on the Rothschild Boulevard.

Why visit Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv

If you’re a lover of design and architecture, the Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv’s White City has to be on your bucket list.