Carmel Market

What is there to do at Carmel Market?

The best things to do at Carmel Market are to shop and eat. The top end, near Allenby street, is where you’ll find cheap clothes and shoes and knock-off electronic items. It’s a great place to haggle over a pair of new beach shoes or unique earrings.

The food stalls begin about halfway down the market. Here, you’ll enjoy the freshest breads, most colorful and fiery spices, ripe fruits and vegetables, and pungent artisanal cheeses. Taste pastries, dips, and delicacies from a multitude of cultures, and breathe in the exotic aromas as you wander along.

To really enjoy Carmel Market, you need to take your time. Start a conversation with the stall owners, who are always happy to chat. Many of them speak English. They don't need much encouragement to share advice about how to choose the ripest melon or the best way to cook with hawij (a unique Yemenite spice blend).

If you still haven’t shopped enough, the major shopping streets of Sheinkin and Allenby are right around the corner.

Don’t miss: A culinary tour of the Carmel Market will guide you to the tastiest fresh produce and encourage you to try new flavors.

Who is Carmel Market best for?

Foodies, shopaholics, and students will love the noise and smells, but the bustling, narrow street can be a bit overwhelming for small children, especially on Thursdays and Fridays.

What is the best time to visit Carmel Market?

To experience Carmel Market at its busiest, visit on a Thursday or Friday when the locals come to shop for Shabbat. This is when the best delicacies are on offer, but be prepared for some jostling and pushing through the crowds. If you want more time and space to take it all in, come earlier in the week when the market is quieter.

What to eat at Carmel Market?

When it comes to meals, you have lots to choose from at Carmel market. Take your pick of the many street food stalls, tiny bistros, and cafes that are tucked away throughout the market, or fill up on the pastries, produce, cheeses, and breads sold at the market stalls.

Your options range from classic Israeli dishes at places like Bar Ochel to Venezuelan foods at Arepa’s, or a traditional Middle Eastern bureka at Mercaz HaBureka. Quench your thirst at a juice bar, or with one of the hundreds of craft beers sold at Beer Bazaar.

Why visit Carmel Market?

Carmel Market is a Tel Aviv landmark. Whether you’re after delicious local produce, authentic dishes from any of a number of culinary traditions, a busy Middle Eastern market experience, or all of the above, you’ll find it all at Carmel Market.