Metzitzim Beach

What is there to do at Metzitzim beach?

If you're feeling lazy, you don't need to do anything more than rub on the sunscreen. Metzitzim beach’s golden sands are perfect for a day spent sunbathing and relaxing. You’ll find all the facilities you need here, including sun umbrellas, deckchairs, and sunbeds, as well as clean showers and bathrooms.

Metzitzim beach has plenty of activities, too. You can rent beachside games like backgammon, checkers, and chess, or borrow a book from the hundreds at the beach library if you forgot your own.

If you like a livelier beach session, you can join one of the many games of beach volleyball on the Metzitzim volleyball courts, or pick up a set of matkot, the paddle and ball game that’s played on all of Israel’s beaches.

Don’t miss: During the summer, Metzitzim beach hosts a happening beach party every Friday afternoon.

Who is Metzitzim beach best for?

Metzitzim beach is truly the beach that’s ideal for everyone. Families love Metzitzim for its shallow, safe waters, hard-working lifeguards, and nearby playground. You can even rent beach toys from the beachside toy library.

Metzitzim is one of Tel Aviv’s disabled-friendly beaches, with special floating chairs for the disabled. And it’s a magnet for young tourists and Tel Avivians alike, who come for the endless games of matkot and volleyball during the day, and the beachside bar that’s open all night until the last customer leaves.

How much does Metzitzim beach cost?

Metzitzim beach is a free beach, so you won’t need to pay to enjoy the sand, sun, or sea. However, you’ll usually have to pay for parking, and there’s a charge for beachside items like sunbeds, deckchairs, and sun umbrellas.

What to eat at Metzitzim beach?

Metzitzim beach has a particularly fine beach bar and restaurant that serves drinks, snacks, and food until the wee hours of the morning. It’s also right next to the redone Tel Aviv port, so you can easily brush off the sand and wander into the cafe, bistro, or restaurant of your choice.

Why visit Metzitzim beach?

Whether you’re looking for excellent facilities, a safe beach for kids, or a fun party atmosphere, Metzitzim beach has it all. Come to Metzitzim beach for the dream beach vacation.