The Ultimate Guide to Springtime Festivals in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Discover the top festivals and events to experience this spring

Tel Aviv is known for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, and springtime is the perfect season to experience the city's festivals and celebrations. From music and dance to food and art, there's something for everyone to enjoy during this festive time of year. Here's a comprehensive guide to the ultimate springtime festivals in Tel Aviv.

1. White Night Festival

An all-night cultural extravaganza celebrating the city's recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy concerts, parties, street performances, and art exhibitions throughout the city.


2. Tel Aviv International Dance Festival

A must-attend for dance enthusiasts. Experience stunning performances from renowned international dance companies and participate in workshops and masterclasses.


3. Taste of Tel Aviv

Indulge in the city's culinary delights during this gastronomic festival. Discover unique flavors, traditional dishes, and innovative creations from Tel Aviv's top chefs and food vendors.


4. Tel Aviv Street Art Festival

Explore the city's vibrant street art scene through murals, installations, and graffiti. Engage with local artists, attend workshops, and take guided street art tours.


5. Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival

A celebration of diversity and acceptance, showcasing a wide range of LGBTQ+ films and documentaries from around the world. Engage in panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and special events.


6. Tel Aviv Yoga Festival

Find your inner zen at this yoga festival. Participate in yoga classes, meditation sessions, workshops, and wellness activities led by local and international instructors.


7. Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival

Discover the emerging talent in the world of cinema at this renowned student film festival. Enjoy screenings, discussions with filmmakers, and networking opportunities.


8. Tel Aviv Blues Festival

Get your groove on at this electrifying blues festival featuring local and international artists. Enjoy live performances, jam sessions, and workshops for blues enthusiasts.


9. Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Experience the latest trends, fashion shows, and design exhibitions at Tel Aviv's prestigious Fashion Week. Join industry professionals, designers, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world.


10. Florentin Designers' Fair

Discover unique fashion, jewelry, and accessory creations from local designers in the trendy Florentin neighborhood. Shop for one-of-a-kind items and support independent artisans.