The Florentine Neighborhood

What is there to do in Florentine?

Florentine neighborhood is where the real Tel Avivians live. During the day, visit the tiny workshops and artisanal stores that line Florentin’s narrow streets to get your hands on unique items at low prices. Some of these places have been run by the same family for generations. Each street has its own specialty, so Wolfson street is the place to go for chandeliers, and Kfar Giladi is your destination for costume jewelry.

The Florentine neighborhood is also a magnet for avant-garde artists pushing the boundaries of their art. Visit the street art gallery at Pachot M’elef, or see originals spray-painted onto the buildings in nearby Florentine streets. Florentin45 is the place to go for works by local emerging artists, or simply to enjoy the lively conversation – Florentin45 is one of the most popular hangout spots for artists and art lovers.

Once the sun goes down, the Florentine neighborhood has the coolest nightlife, centered around Vital street. You’ll find hip bars, welcoming LGBTQ dance parties, and funky clubs at every turn. Alcohol is sold in tiny bars at low prices, and the parties overflow into the streets to draw everyone in.

Who is Florentine best for?

Florentine's anything-goes atmosphere makes it a popular destination for gay holidaymakers. After all, this is the city with one of the biggest Gay Pride Parades in the world. The low-price hostels, gritty street culture, and thumping nightlife scene also attract all types of students and young people looking for a good time on a small budget.

What is there to eat in Florentine?

You’ll be spoiled for choice with Florentine’s numerous eateries. Start your day with a large, milky ‘coffee hafuch' at the coffee shops frequented by locals, accompanied by a large, fresh, and varied Israeli breakfast special.

If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or concerned about sustainable eating, you can eat your heart out at restaurants serving menus that are organic, plant-based, and eco-friendly.

Don’t miss tasting delicious dishes and breathing in the aroma of spices at local Levinsky market. It’s surrounded by residents from multiple countries, especially Greece, Turkey, Romania, and Arab lands, so you’ll find specialist ingredients and dishes from all of these culinary traditions.

Later on, stop into trendy bars like Mezcal for funky cocktails and a range of liqueurs. Florentin’s bars and nightclubs serve delicious street food long into the night.

Why visit Florentine neighborhood?

If you want to see the real Tel Aviv, you can’t miss Florentine. It’s off the beaten track for tourists, which means that you can absorb the authentic charm and cultural diversity of the city. Whether you’re after food, nightlife, modern art, or a hipster experience, you’ll be glad you visited Florentine.