HaYarkon Park

What is there to do at HaYarkon Park?
HaYarkon Park offers miles of shady paths and green lawns. You can rent rollerblades or a distinctive, green, Tel-o-Fen bike, or just stroll around the 6 different gardens admiring the plants, wildlife, rock sculptures, and modern art installations.
The park is full of attractions and activities. Test yourself on the climbing wall and trampolines at Sportek, or pick up a game on the basketball, tennis, soccer, or baseball courts where you can rent balls and equipment. Show off your moves at the skating area, or just watch the skateboarders amaze you with their stunts.
There are also paddle boats and small motor boats to rent on the central lake. You choose whether to float lazily around the lake or follow the Yarkon river all the way to the trendy Tel Aviv port.
At the eastern end of HaYarkon Park lies the Meimadion, one of Tel Aviv’s most popular water parks. It has dozens of different pools and water slides that make it perfect for cooling off in the hot Tel Aviv summer.
When you're ready for a change, step into HaYarkon Park's tropical gardens to wander among thousands of different plant species from all around the world, or visit Zapari, a bird safari park with hundreds of species of birds, from exotic toucans to the distinctive hoopoe, Israel’s national bird.
Don’t miss: A large hot-air balloon in the middle of the park offers 360-degree views over the whole of Tel Aviv, day and night.
Who is HaYarkon Park best for?
HaYarkon Park is a top destination for young families. Children love the free petting zoo, splashing at the Meimadion, and simply running around on the huge lawns and paths. HaYarkon Park is also popular with anyone looking for a shady bench to relax on, out of the bustle of vibrant Tel Aviv.
When is the best time of year to visit HaYarkon Park?
HaYarkon Park is full of color in spring, a shady haven in the summer, and a hub for exercising and sports in the fall and winter. There’s never a bad time to visit HaYarkon Park.
HaYarkon Park plays host to major concerts, including some of the world’s top singers and bands, so it’s always worthwhile to check who’ll be performing during your trip.
How much does it cost to visit HaYarkon Park?
It’s free to enter and enjoy HaYarkon Park. The clean BBQ pits and picnic tables, the glorious gardens, the wildlife and the petting zoo are all free of charge. If you want to rent equipment or bikes or to visit the Zapari or Meimadion water park, costs will vary.
Why visit HaYarkon Park?
With miles of shady paths, beautiful gardens, and a whole range of facilities, HaYarkon Park offers a day out for everybody. Whether you’re looking to relax in the shade, soak up the sun, splash in the water, admire nature, or meet sporting challenges, you’ll find something to enjoy at HaYarkon Park.